We should tattoo this philosophy on our foreheads. We have never had as good of an opportunity to fundamentally rethink everything about our society as we do right now. From the way we work, how we educate, and how we interact with our environment, the future is an open question. Going back to the way things were would be our worst possible move.

We’ll overcome COVID-19, but this should be a giant red flag that all of the things that we’ve been warned about are really possible. Global war, pandemics, droughts, famine, and environmental collapse are real dangers. But they’re threats that we can avoid with the right focus and investments.

We’re driving a car with 3 flat tires. The car is still moving, but the problems are only getting worse. If we do nothing, future generations will look back at us and ask why we didn’t just fix the stupid tires when it was obvious they needed fixing.


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