The most interesting part of this to me is the use of the word “human” in discussions of a post-disease/death world.

With our very rapid advancements in technology and genetics, I think we’re rapidly approaching the limits of how we’ve always defined our humanity. We’ve always been defined by our biology, psychology and inherited genetics. If we start messing with that formula, do we fundamentally change at some level?

I worry that it’s more of philosophical than a technical question, so we may be moving faster on seeing if we can than to think if we should. Similar questions can be posed about a post-work world.

I mostly fear that we’ll carry our current inequalities forward into a brave new world, or continue to impose a psychology and morality best suited to the African savannah on a future as a space-faring species.

My deepest hope is that we work to challenge ourselves on being better humans at the same rate that we challenge the limits of human longevity.


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