Thanks for writing this. My wife and I will be marching today in Atlanta, and we had this exact conversation.

I’m not protesting the election or the inauguration. Like it or not (and I don’t), he won by the rules we agreed to. But I am protesting the idea that any encroachment on the civil rights of Americans is acceptable.

The rise in hate crimes and bomb threats to Synagogues this past year disgusts me. Being from Alabama, I grew up with the ghosts of churh bombings and lynchings. When I see the rancor and anger targeting women and minorities, I don’t have a choice but to try to speak against it. Otherwise, I’m complicit with ideas I was raised to hate.

In 4 years time, I hope Trump has wowed us all and led the US into a golden age of peace and freedom. If that happens, I will readily admit I was wrong. But if things are about to get a lot harder for a lot of people, I can’t live with being on the wrong side.


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