Thanks for spelling this out, Umair. We too often talk about voting and democracy as a way to exercise your personal preferences on the process.

But voting should be about carefully choosing a candidate that you think will make better decisions than even you’re capable of. Someone who will safeguard the foundations of the country and secure it’s future. Some who will carefully study the situations that they face, talk to experts, learn everything they can and then respond.

I’m torn up about what’s happening right now, but not because my team is losing. I’m terrified because the foundational beliefs about how government should work and what the goals of a free and open society should be are being twisted.

The travel ban, the official endorsement of Roy Moore, the sitting president casting aspersions on the birthplace of a former president, the obvious corruption being uncovered by the Mueller probe… It’s like an overly dramatic Netflix series being played out on the front page of the newspaper.

If we, the people, can’t come together in opposition to what’s happening, I don’t know what the future holds.


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