Thanks for sharing this, Gustavo. I think the biggest enabler of hate and anger is when we dehumanize the other. Calling someone stupid or evil is the lazy man’s solution to a problem. It gives you permission to stop listening and thinking immediately. And it’s a coward’s way out.

I’m a huge believer in the personal work of trying to learn and become a better person every day. It’s much easier to shut down any opposition than to consider for even a second that I’m not 100% right.

But as you say, they’re a human being. And for some reasons that they genuinely trust, they’ve decided to believe something or act in a way that you disagree with. So figure it out. Get into their shoes. Do the hard work of understanding their point of view and comparing it to your own.

There are still going to be plenty of conversations that end with an agreement to disagree, but there’ll be a lot of less vitriol.

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