Thanks for sharing. I think there’s definitely an informational overload in the world today, and we’re doing a really bad job of teaching enough media literacy to consume it thoughtfully.

If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend Matthew Crawford’s The World Beyond Your Head.

There’s real psychological, cultural and biological value in being “grounded” in the real world around you. The Internet can be a valuable extension of our brain, getting us information faster or connecting us to new communities. But if we lose our footing, the Internet can swallow you whole and eat up a ton of time and attention.

I’m an information junkie and consume a ton of different media. I listen to a few hours of podcasts a day and read 50–100 books a year. But I still find myself down Wikipedia or YouTube holes some days just following links. Suddenly an hour is gone you’re left wondering what you got out of it. Not a great feeling.

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