Great read. I think the real question here is the application of the word “human”. I suspect we’ll need an entirely new word to describe these personas as they emerge. I’ve got to believe there’s something still unique enough about humans that we won’t be replaced wholesale by machines quite yet.

I agree completely that we’ll likely see these personas arise rapidly in entertainment and sales. A spokesperson that can be completely controlled by a brand would be very attractive. They’d never age, never get caught up in a scandal or voice unpopular political opinions on Twitter. And in music and movies, you’d never have to worry about a temperamental actor or rockstar being a diva.

Given the seeming inevitability, I think we’ll be called on to reckon with the fundamental value of human beings very soon. A powerful enough AI could replace a lot of service sector jobs. And digital personas would be able to personalize sales pitches down to the individual consumer level, meaning your favorite celebrity could personally recommend buying a Ford.

If media literacy and technology abuse is a problem today, I can only imagine what’s coming soon.


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