President Trump and Michael Flynn: Lessons for Managers

The biggest thing that we know so far about the Michael Flynn situation is that he should have never been hired. When he was let go by the Obama administration, the official word was that clashes in leadership style were to blame. Later reporting revealed that intelligence may have been mishandled in Afghanistan.

1. Say No to Sycophants

President Trump has made it clear how he feels about Michael Flynn, calling him a “fine” and “wonderful” man even after he was fired. Why is he till standing by Flynn? And why was he hired in the first place?

2. Second Guess Your Gut

Donald Trump famously trusts his gut above all else. Here he is answering a question about which policy advisers he’s listening to during the campaign.

3. Admit When You’re Wrong

Look, we’ve all been there. You made a bad hire or screwed up a project. Maybe your mistake cost money, time or reputation, but it hurt and it was embarrassing.

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