I’m both disheartened by how bad some of the ‘experts’ out there are and by how poorly most people do at evaluating their sources. I know incredibly smart people with degrees from top-tier universities who will post an article on social media from a blog called ‘politicalwacko.com’ or some such as valid evidence of a position. The author’s bio will readily admit that they’re a 24 year old sandwich artist in Dubuque, but they represent themselves as an expert on international trade relations.

I’m fine with anyone who wants to have an opinion. I more fine if someone admits that they don’t know something but want to explore a topic to learn and help others discover something new. But when an author only cites the thoughts in their own head as evidence and has no direct experience of a thing, I’m going to chalk it up to more noise on the Internet and mosey along.

Professional Amateur & Avid Question Asker

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