I think you’re right, but given the election cycle we had last year, I bristle at the idea that this is a left or right problem. I think it’s a human problem.

One of the top reasons that people give for sharing content on social media is to reaffirm their identity and help define who they are. No body wants to be criticized. It takes some Buddha-level death of ego to admit to the world that you’re inclined to some kind of bias or living an imperfect lifestyle. You might get someone to cop to that in a sealed room after a few drinks, but they’re not going out to celebrate it.

We all let our ego and self-worth get too involved in our information seeking. I can be wrong sometimes. It’s ok. I simply don’t have the time in the day to take in all of the information in the world so that every decision is perfectly well informed. So if I’m not changing my mind about something on a regular basis, something’s wrong. I’m ether being too lazy to learn new things or too arrogant to admit I’m wrong.

There are plenty of voices in the media, at major outlets and minor ones, that are speaking truth to power and revealing uncomfortable realities. The real question is whether we as viewers are mature enough to listen.

I think that has to start with a decision made by each of us personally.


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