I think this is it for me. It’s about moving the ball forward for everyone. I’m a cis-gendered, straight, white male with college degrees and money in the bank. I’m pretty likely to be ok no matter who wins in November. But people who grew up in poverty in the small town I’m from may not be. Friends and family members who are gay, trans, immigrants or, in some other way, from a marginalized group may not be. Even if my candidate doesn’t win the primary, the general election will be a new question, asking which candidate will make the country safer and more fair for everyone.

I think we’re getting into trouble by trying to decide the general election during the primary. Vote for the candidate that you believe in during the primary. And then, whether they win or lose, vote for the candidate that you believe in during the general. Life is all about not getting exactly what you want but still needing to get out of bed in the morning.

Ezra Klein’s new book is entirely about how different our parties have become. Republicans and Democrats had massive ideological overlap even 50 years ago but now represent two incredibly different governing philosophies. To pretend that a moderate democrat is no better than a republican is to attempt to enforce a political purity test that can only end badly.

There are no political saviors, just imperfect people trying to lead imperfect people imperfectly. The future that we create relies on the ideals that we enforce in our personal action and voting. I want to make a society that’s better for everyone, not just for me. If my candidate doesn’t win, my second choice might get us there in 10 years instead of 5, but it’s still the same direction. Societal change is sometimes measured in inches and sometimes in miles, but we never want to move backward.

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