I don’t know if you’ve read Matthew Crawford’s “The World Beyond Your Head”, but it’s exactly up this alley.

He makes the point that being under assault by constant attention grabbers actually divorces us from the physical world around us. Studies in mice have shown that if you disrupt a young mouse’s physical orientation constantly, they never recover. Our animal brain needs to physically plant itself in the real world to functional properly in a lot of different ways.

There are a ton of things around us today that we’re still waiting for the verdict on. From what we’re already seeing, there are going to be very real cultural and physical consequences from our increasingly mediated world.

That’s not to say we need to take pitchforks to our PCs, but I think we need to be having public conversations about what we see happening and what it means. Somewhere in the conversation, there’s a real opportunity for media and technological literacy to help us better cope socially, emotionally and physically with the changing environment.

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