Great post. I’m a big fan of comic books as a form of entertainment. I find that most nonfiction, including most business focused books, try to lead you to a very specific place. There’s a checklist at the end or there are 5 ways to go about accomplishing a goal.

Good fiction is more of a free roaming journey. You can choose which of the characters you identify with. You can choose to see the protagonist as self-less, naive or misguided. You are challenged to understand motivations and get into someone’s head in a way that we don’t usually have to do.

If you read a newspaper, you get to process everything through your own filter. If you identify with a specific business approach or management style, you can probably find whole websites and entire books that will reinforce that for you. But if you go outside of your normal realm and read ‘Transmetropolitan’ or ‘The Invisibiles’ or ‘The Wicked and The Divine’, you may get to see something totally new. You may ask yourself what makes the story so compelling. You may suddenly have an idea that you never would have gotten to otherwise.

There’s just so much value in getting outside the normal well trod paths.


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